Payment policy is prioritized as the followings:

1- Payment in cash (T/T)
2- Bank guarantee
3- Documentary Credit (L/C)

CNF/CFR : Cost and Freight (Most Africa ,Asia, Middle East Destination)

H2A IMPEX will arrange for the carriage of goods by sea to a port of destination, and provide the buyer with the documentary necessary
to obtain the good from the carrier. Under CFR, the seller does not have to procure marine insurance against the risk of loss or damage
to the goods during transit.

FOB: Free On Board ( Iran Port / UAE Port)

H2A IMPEX will deliver goods on board a vessel designated by the buyer. The seller fulfills his obligations to deliver goods have passed
over the ships rail.

The word Free means the seller has an obligation to deliver to a named place for transfer to a carrier

1> We supply Bitumen VG 30, 60/70 , 80/100 Grades Only.
2> Minimum Order for Bitumen: 200/MT
3> Minimum Order for Clinker : 30,000/MT
4> Minimum Order for Natural Gypsum : 30,000/MT

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