Welcome to H2A Group Of Companies

The H2A Group Of Companies are a diverse umbrella group of companies that are based in different countries and operate in different sectors of the economy. Over the years, the H2A Group, through its companies, have gained a reputation for maximum client satisfaction and trust.

H2A Constructions is an up-and-coming real estate developer based in India. A company with a large potential, it has been growing at a rapid rate over the last few years. The company targets different areas of the Indian housing and real estate market, therefore having the ability to cater for a wide range of clients, plus fulfill and also exceed expectations set.

The trading arm of H2A Group is H2A Impex. A versatile trading company, H2A Impex is mostly involved with the general trading of commodities. Through a very successful business model, H2A Impex has a global reach which means that clients can expect top quality products, something the H2A Impex strives for.

Based in Dubai is H2AG Facility Management. An emerging force in the facility management landscape, H2AG has numerous operations in Dubai and offers a wide range of products, which appeal to a large amount of clientele. The expertise of H2AG means clients know that they can expect operational efficiency and quality in the products offered.